What You Can Expect

EECP is safe, non-invasive, well tolerated, and effective for patients with ischemic heart disease, angina, and heart failure.

EECP feels like a deep muscle massage for the legs. During treatment, you do not feel anything in the chest or heart. Rather, it feels as if balloons are wrapped around your legs, squeezing in time for your own heartbeat. Most of our patients relax, listen to music or watch TV during their treatments. Some even sleep!

EECP has no side effects, though some patients may experience muscle pain and fatigue in the first two weeks of treatment, similar to beginning an exercise program.  Special pants and fillers are used to minimize the chance of skin irritation caused by friction against the sleeves.

Most patients begin to feel better after 10 treatments.

EECP therapy increases blood supply to the heart as well as all the other organs, tissues, and cells of the body.

EECP therapy reduces symptoms of chest discomfort and/or difficulty breathing; and the amount of drugs taken by the patient.

EECP therapy improves exercise capacity and quality of life.

For many patients, the benefits of EECP therapy may last several years. Other patients may require repeat therapy, as recommended by the cardiologist.