“I used to have chest pains that were so bad I couldn’t walk, eat, or sleep.  I truly thought I was going to die.  My doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but then I found Buena Park Heart center and started having EECP therapy.  Since then, the pain has not returned. This is the best medical center I have visited.  Dr. Caceres is one of the best doctors I have ever met in my life.  I’m so honored to be his patient. The staff at the facility is also top-notch.  I would highly recommend BPHC to anyone in need of cardiac care.  A big thank you to Dr. Caceres and the staff for their hard work and for caring so much about their patients.”

– Andrea Wright

“My fatigue has improved and my strained breathing has improved to where it is almost gone. I’m getting great sleep every night and I wake full of energy.  My blood pressure and the heart post are now almost normal, too.  This whole experience has been beyond awesome. I send my heartfelt thanks to this staff.  I love them and will truly miss them. Dr. Caceres is awesome.  He keeps me so well informed and really explains it all.  The staff at Buena Park Heart Center also rocks.  Daniel, Neira, and Rio are amazing people and they are so irreplaceable.  I truly recommend the facility to anyone!“

– Steven P. Boggio

“The therapy has given me a better quality of life and given me more energy for walking, thinking, and being more active.  I no longer have shortness of breath, and my eating habits have also changed for the better.  Dr. Caceres and his team are so great at what they do.  They are very helpful, understanding, and caring. The facility itself is full of great and hard-working people. I would most definitely recommend Buena Park Heart Center.”

– Thomas Earl

“Before doing EECP therapy, I noticed that I would feel tired throughout the day, and I can’t explain how much my chest would bother me.  When I wanted to exercise, I couldn’t, because I would start having shortness of breath. My palpitations were at such a fast rate that I resorted to sleeping in a sitting position.  My blood pressure was also unstable. There would be times when it was high, and then suddenly it would be very low.  I knew I had to do something to improve my health.  When Dr. Caceres suggested that I do EECP therapy, I decided to give it a try, and I am so glad I did.  Dr. Caceres, his wonderful therapists, and their amazing equipment all helped me more than I can say.  Now I can exercise without any hassle. My shortness of breath went away and my palpitations are under control.  Also my blood pressure tends to be more stable and I can sleep comfortably lying down. ”

– Maria Mendoza

“I’ve just finished my 2nd course of EECP therapy.  This cycle was much better than my first time at another clinic. The difference was in the technician.  Calvin is a wonderful guy who does his job very well.  He was always kind and made me feel totally at home. He walked me through the therapy and made sure I was always aware of what was going on.  He’s a keeper.  The rest of the staff are also so warm and kind. I don’t know how you got so lucky!  Angie is really great with her patients and always goes out of her way to make sure patients are comfortable and happy.

As for me, my brain has been working better since my EECP therapy!  I no longer need to take naps all the time, and I’m driving better.  Thank you so much, Dr. Caceres.”

– Bonnie Shapero

“Since my EECP treatment, I have felt more energetic and more active with my everyday duties.  My vision has been brighter, too.  My blood sugar and blood pressure have been at normal levels as well.  Dr. Caceres is an excellent doctor and a great man.  He has been my family cardiologist for many years.

The facility and staff over at Buena Park Heart Center are great.  The staff is professional and always makes patients feel welcome.  Having a treatment done at a facility where the staff genuinely cares about its patients puts me at ease and makes me feel safe.

“Buena Park Heart Center is hands down the best center for EECP treatment, and I would gladly recommend it to family, friends, and others.”

– Manuel Mercado

“My EECP treatment has been beneficial to my overall health.  I feel great.  My legs in particular feel much better than before I started EECP treatment.  Dr. Caceres has been my cardiologist for over a year now, and I can say he is a very good doctor.  He is such a caring person with so much compassion for us patients.

The staff at Buena Park Heart Center are always professional and caring.  I would absolutely recommend the facility to others for EECP treatment.”

– Manuel Monarrez

“Thank God I am finally in good hands.” That’s what I told myself after I completed my first EECP course with Dr. Caceres at Buena Park Heart Center.  In only 7 days, my angina pain was completely gone.  I was taking three different blood pressure medications before the treatment, and now take only on a fraction of one.  I feel truly blessed to have found Dr. Caceres and EECP therapy.  The staff at the clinic are very kind and attentive, and I would recommend it to all my friends and family.“

– Rose Hernandez

“I feel really good after EECP treatment, and my blood pressure has drastically reduced. Thanks to the excellent care of Dr. Caceres and his courteous staff, I am really enjoying life.”

– Laura Gaddi

“I was diagnosed with a heart condition in 2014.  Thanks to the excellent treatment provided by Dr. Caceres and his staff,  I have more stamina, more energy, and my leg swelling has gone down.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Buena Park Heart Center for EECP treatment to anyone in need. “

– H.E. Moses

“After EECP therapy, my energy levels have increased dramatically.  The treatment improved circulation throughout my body.  Many thanks for the excellent patient care provided by Dr. Caceres and his helpful team. ”

– Shirley Davis

“I am very satisfied with Dr. Caceres’ handling of my illness. EECP treatment has helped me to walk better and has even improved the numbness in my legs.  The staff is very friendly and helpful.”

– Cornelio Meza

Dr. Caceres is outstanding, and I thank him for giving me my life back!  Since undergoing EECP therapy, I now feel very energetic, can walk better, and am in complete control of my life and work. In addition to the therapy, I was given top-notch advice for lifestyle adjustments that have really made a difference. I wholeheartedly recommend EECP therapy to all heart patients.

– Vaughan Herrick


“I feel so much better after my EECP therapy.  Everyone at Buena Park Heart Center is very professional and caring.  Dr. Caceres is an excellent cardiologist and I strongly recommend Buena Park Heart Center to all heart patients.”

– David West

“The therapists are very attentive and care about each patient’s safety and comfort.  I have noticed an increase in energy after my EECP therapy, which has made my walking much easier than before. My state of mind has also improved, and I’m much more alert than before.  I love how clean and tidy the clinic is, and would definitely recommend it to my friends and relatives.”

– Ruben Gallo

“I like Buena Park Heart Center for its excellent staff and facilities. I feel like at home over here.”

– Troy Rushin

“Dr. Caceres is excellent in his follow-up with patients. The staff is friendly and attentive to details. I have more energy and feel more alert after my EECP therapy.”

– Elizabeth M

“I am feeling much stronger and have more energy.  I wish best for all the wonderful staff and recommend the center to all heart patients.”

– Eileen Wade

“I am so happy to have discovered EECP therapy.  My blood pressure went down, and I was able to lower my medicine dose.  Buena Park Heart Center is like my second home, and staff is very friendly. Thanks to Dr. Caceres for being such a good and caring physician.”

– Rod D’mayga

“EECP therapy has removed my chest pain.  I have no heart problems and increased brain function.  I also have more energy to do my daily chores. I love the staff and Dr Caceres.   They are so good to me.”

– Annie Binsham

“My physical symptoms have improved so much after my EECP therapy, and I’m experiencing an improved quality of life.  Dr. Caceres is great, and his staff sees to all our needs.”

– Jesus Michael N


Dr. Caceres is a kind and loving person to his patients and to his staff.  I love being cared for by his team. May God Bless this Staff.

– Mele Siliga

“I am currently 65-years-old and have suffered from heart conditions since 2001.  I underwent medical treatment, coronary angioplasty with stents, and ICD.  But it was not until I received EECP therapy that I have I noticed an improvement in my overall wellbeing. I now do maintenance EECP sessions periodically, which keeps me out of the cardiac catheterization lab.  Dr. Caceres is a wonderful physician—very professional and compassionate toward his patients.  The entire staff at Buena Park Heart Center is very helpful and friendly.  I definitely recommend EECP therapy at BPHC.”

– Mark Gibson


I was diagnosed with heart blockages in 2008 and had angioplasty.  Now, with EECP therapy, I have more energy and I’m able to climb stairs easier.  I was also able to return to playing golf and riding my bicycle. Thanks to the excellent medical care at the center I am enjoying a good quality of life.

Dr. Caceres is a great cardiologist and very well-mannered.  He works in the best interest of the patient.

Buena Park Heart Center’s EECP therapists are helpful, friendly, and professional. I wholeheartedly recommend EECP therapy at Buena Park Heart Center to anyone in need of cardiac care.

– Larry Ledvina

“Dr. Caceres has been my cardiologist for 18 years, and he’s a great doctor.  His center has great staff, and the facilities are very well-kept.  EECP has really increased my energy levels.  It is like a total body workout, and I feel great after each session.  I absolutely recommend Buena Park Heart Center for EECP therapy.  There is truly nothing else like it in SoCal.”

– Robert Epperson


Manny Lopez had diabetes and heart disease and underwent triple bypass surgery in 2003.  Before EECP, he complained of chest discomfort (5/10) while doing household chores.  Manny was very compliant in taking medications as prescribed.  His daily living activities were highly limited because of angina, fatigue, and a general lack of energy.  He used to have lower back pain and take two naps a day.

“I’d get out of my car and have to stop for a minute before I could walk to the stairs,” he told us.  “And then when I got halfway up the stairs, I’d have to stop again before I could continue on to my apartment on the second floor.”

After EECP, Manny reported that his chest discomfort on exertion went away.  He no longer had to ask his neighbors to help him carry grocery bags up to his apartment. Today, Manny feels good and his energy level has improved greatly.  He is able to do more activities than before without becoming fatigued.  He no longer needs to take naps, and he sleeps well at night. His lower back pain also disappeared after a week of EECP therapy.

Manny reported the following:

“I used to have lots of swelling in my legs and feet. That has completely disappeared.  It seems like I’m not retaining as much water as I used to. My blood pressure has lowered as well.  But the biggest difference for me was that my erectile dysfunction improved. To put it simply, I have the drive to do it.

I was a bit skeptical at first. I didn’t see how a pumping action on my legs would improve anything.  But I remembered that Dr. Caceres said it would take a couple of weeks for the effects to kick in, so I waited.  Now, I’m glad I gave it a shot and listened to the doc!

Before EECP, I could hardly walk half a block because of chest pain and shortness of breath. I’d have to stop and take nitroglycerin.  Now, I can walk six blocks without chest pain or shortness of breath, and I don’t have to use nitroglycerin”

– (I.C.)

EECP Changed My Life for the Better!


My name is Steve Ezell. I had angina pectoris on minimal exertion in 2008.  My coronary angiogram revealed severe coronary artery disease, so I underwent coronary artery bypass grafting surgery.  In 2012, I was feeling more fatigue than usual and more shortness of breath while performing everyday activities. I had angina pectoris on exertion and equivalent angina.  A PET scan showed reversible perfusion defect in the inferior and septal walls.

I didn’t want to have another coronary angiogram, or angioplasty, or another heart surgery, so I decided to try EECP therapy.

Before EECP. I felt tired to the point where I could hardly finish my work.  I would take breaks while making the 15 step walk up to my door, because of angina. I was unable to walk ½ mile a day or ride my bike without becoming out of breath and/or having angina. I had very little energy and felt tired most of the time.

Since having EECP, I’m able to work 8 hours a day without feeling tired. I walk up the 15 steps to my front door without any trouble.  I’m also able to walk 2-3 miles per day and ride my bike for 5-6 miles every day without angina.  I have more energy and feel so much better.  On weekends, I ride my bike up and down the hills near my home for up to 15 miles without feeling tired or becoming out of breath.

Last year, I witnessed the birth of my first grandchild, and just last month we got our first ever annual pass to Disneyland.  We go there on average three times a week, and  walk several miles over the course of many hours with my granddaughter.  I attribute my ability to do this to the EECP therapy.  Without a doubt, EECP therapy has improved my heart condition, endurance, and physical capacity.  I have not taken nitroglycerin in over 2 years.

Lastly, before EECP I was unable to do anything on hot days.  Last Saturday was a very hot day, but I was able to spend five hours at the ballpark and then walk around the Long Beach Farmers Market for an additional hour without any angina or fatigue.  I’m also able to sleep all the way through the night thanks to EECP.”

– (G.R.)

My name is Peter Moskowitz. I am 71 years old, with several risk factors for coronary artery disease. I have had chronic angina pectoris since 2005, but was mistakenly treated for acid reflux instead.  In April of 2010, I underwent coronary arteriography which revealed significant coronary artery disease.  My cardiologist and a cardiovascular surgeon recommended coronary artery bypass surgery. I was told that my condition was so severe that I could die at any moment, and that I should go home and make an appointment with the surgeon.

I got a second opinion from another cardiologist and another surgeon who told me I have “widowmaker” coronary artery disease and need bypass surgery as soon as possible.  Even my two physician sons advised me to have coronary bypass surgery.  The earliest available surgery date was two weeks away.  In the meantime, I investigated the ramifications of having such a major surgery.  After learning the potential complications, I canceled the bypass.  Eventually, I learned about and decided to have EECP therapy.

Before EECP therapy, I had significant limitations, despite taking medications.  For example, I used to take 2 slow-release nitroglycerin tablets a day and nitro spray as needed.  Over the last three years, I have received multiple sequential treatments of EECP.  Now, I am able to perform most of my daily activities without angina.  I exercise almost every day, and I am taking less than one nitro spray per month.  I can do my gardening and bend over without any burning sensation on my chest, and I am able to do my house by myself.  I no longer take the slow-release nitroglycerin.

-Peter Moskowitz