Heart Diseases Prevention | Buena Park Senior Center Fair

Heart disease is the number one cause of death for both men and women in the United States. An estimated 83.6 million American adults have one or more types of Cardiovascular disorders. Of these, 42.2 million are estimated to be more than 60 years of age. For the 60–79 year old age group, the following have CVD: 70.2% of men; 70.9% of women. For the 80+ year-old age group, the following have CVD: 83.0% of men; 87.1% of women. About 66% of CVD deaths occur in people age 75 and older.

It is therefore very important to educate Senior on various heart diseases, their causes, risk factors, symptoms and treatment methods. Our emphasis is on preventive measures through early detection, prompt treatment and rehabilation wherever necessary.

We at Buena Park Heart Center under the leadership of founder and Medical Director, Dr Joe Caceres MD Cardiologist with over 30 years of experience have undertaken a mission to reach out to citizens in Orange county to spread education on prevention of heart diseases with aim to improve the quality of life by reducing heart related emergencies.

Dr Pratiksha Gandhi MD, Preventive Heartcare expert would be the Program Director representing our center for delivering the seminar to the Seniors. Dr Gandhi is pioneer in preventive cardiology and is powerful orator who explains complex subjects of heart in a simple and lucid manner which is understood by lay people. She is popular through her seminars,workshops, books, tv shows and videos on the subject of heartcare.

We recently participated in Buena Park Senior Center Fair and almost 200 seniors were benefited by the knowledge imparted during the interactions during the span of four hours with faculty and members of our staff. Dr Gandhi is invited to deliver a talk on ‘How to protect your heart‘ at Yorba Linda Senior Center on Oct 7 at 12.30pm.

Our aim is to reach out to Seniors and help them to live a better quality of life with their heart ailments and prevent heart related sudden emergencies in case they are not having the disease.

Anyone who wishes to assist us in this noble cause please contact Samantha Ang (714) 821-8588 for co-ordination of free talks and seminars at your senior activity center in orange county.