• Dr. Joe A. Caceres, MD, FAHA, FAAC


Founded in February 11, 1993, Caceres Medical Group (CMG) is celebrating 28 years of providing high-quality medical services to Buena Park, California, and its surrounding communities.

We provide medical services with a genuine caring attitude and respect for each patient.

We are proud to have grown from a small staff of three to a crew of 35 team members dedicated to providing our patients with the highest standard of care in Internal Medicine and Cardiology. The founder of CMG, Dr. Joe Caceres, is the recipient of multiple awards and is ranked among the top cardiologists in the country for his expertise and unmatched compassion.


At Buena Park Heart Center (BPHC), we are dedicated to excellence in cardiovascular care, with a genuine caring attitude for each patient. Our mission is to serve patients with possible and/or definitive cardiovascular conditions and improve their health and quality of life.

Most Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) patients have documented coronary heart disease by selective coronary angiography.  Many of these patients have had previous coronary angioplasty and/or coronary artery bypass grafting surgery, along with optimal medical therapy for angina pectoris and/or heart failure.

Patients travel from around the country to receive this valuable treatment that provides significant acute and long-term relief of angina symptoms and offers significant quality-of-life improvements.

EECP is the only safe and effective noninvasive treatment for patients with coronary heart disease.

EECP is a unique alternative for patients with coronary artery disease who are not candidates for angioplasty with stent (percutaneous coronary intervention) and/or bypass surgery (coronary artery bypass grafting surgery).

EECP is indicated for patients with symptomatic coronary artery disease despite optimal medical therapy or previous angioplasty and/or bypass surgery.

EECP should be offered as primary (initial) therapy for coronary heart disease patients with high risk and low benefit profiles, who are candidates for angioplasty or bypass surgery.

EECP is highly beneficial in those heart patients who have failed revascularization procedures (angioplasty or bypass surgery) or have decided not to have such procedures.

EECP is a low-cost and effective therapy with high patient acceptability as compared to angioplasty with stent or coronary bypass surgery.

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EECP therapy

What is EECP?

EECP therapy is a safe, non-invasive, outpatient treatment option for patients suffering from ischemic heart diseases such as angina/coronary artery disease and heart failure. EECP therapy has helped thousands of patients.  In fact, clinical studies show that over 75% of patients benefit from EECP therapy and sustain improvement for up to three years post- treatment.

EECP therapy works by increasing the blood and oxygen supply to the heart muscle and decreasing the amount of work the heart must do to pump blood to the rest of the body. While the heart is at rest, treatment cuffs inflate from the calves to the thighs to the buttocks, which increases the blood supply to the arteries feeding the heart muscle. Just before the next heartbeat, all the cuffs simultaneously deflate, decreasing the heart’s workload.

How Does EECP Work?

A course of EECP therapy involves 35 consecutive one-hour sessions. During an EECP clinic visit, a patient lies on a comfortable bed and has blood pressure-type cuffs wrapped around his/her calves and thighs. Cardiac monitoring wires are attached to the patient’s chest to record the heartbeat, and then the EECP pumping console rapidly inflates and deflates the leg cuffs in time with the heartbeat.

Patients can listen to music, read, or even sleep during EECP therapy. The immediate result of this pumping is to dramatically improve blood flow back into the heart while simultaneously reducing the heart’s workload

EECP therapy


EECP For Non-Cardiac Conditions

In the United States alone, more than 2.5 million patients with symptomatic coronary heart disease (CHD) are not amenable to percutaneous coronary intervention (angioplasty with stent deployment) or coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery because of unsuitable coronary anatomy, multiple previous revascularization attempts, age, additional comorbid conditions, or patient preference.

For these patients with medically refractory angina pectoris, enhanced external counter pulsation (EECP) is the only truly noninvasive and unique treatment for which a reduction of angina symptoms and nitrate usage, increased exercise tolerance, and an improvement in myocardial ischemia.

What do Our Clients Say About Us?

Dear Samantha,

Thank you for all the kindness and great care during our recent EECP therapy in your Heart Center Clinic. You were all very professional and caring in your work. My wife was nervous and you calmed her fears and took such good care of her.

Your care and utmost concern for both of us was deeply appreciated. You deserve special thanks for making therapy days better, it really meant a lot. You and your staff should be commended as assets to the EECP Center Clinic.

Best regards to everybody,

Miguel and Marietta Aberin